Saturday, June 18, 2011

San Diego Rock n Roll ! June 2011

Amazing how fast the summer has gone by!  I was actually complaining to my husband about what I will do to entertain the kids for the whole summer.  We have had one down day and that is it!  As you can tell with my blogging attendance I start something and never finish!  I am defiantly a queen of good intentions.  Seriously, I love to start projects and then I get to busy or maybe bored to finish them.  You should see my craft office!  I seriously found a pair of leggings that are 12 months old that I was going to do something with.  Guess what Miss Gabi is over 4 years old!  I truly admit to this being one or maybe my only flaw! LOL  For many years I have been battling with my weight, so I thought I am going to make a commitment to myself and follow it through.  The commitment is running/jogging/walking anything but finish 6 half marathons.  Well it is June and I have finished three!!!!  I am so proud of myself on so many levels. It is awesome that my kids and my husband are SO supportive.  I will show pictures of my last two once I play catch up!  So June 5th I ran in the San Diego Rock n Roll half marathon!  It was AMAZING!  What a beautiful run and the weather could not have been any nicer!  Okay the only complaint would be it was uphill the whole way or at least felt that way.  It is so awesome to see how excited my husband and kids are when they see me.  My son lets everyone know his mom is a three time gold medalist!  My daughter thinks I am SUPER fast (I am so not)!  My husband always has this look of amazement and let’s me know he is amazed how determined and strong willed I am!  Shoot if I knew they would be giving me these props I would have done it so long ago!  Clint (a.k.a. Mr. LuckyGabi) made the whole trip really nice for me!  We enjoyed Sea World and the night before my race he was smart enough to make reservations on the water at the Fish Market.  The whole trip was beautiful, relaxing and perfect! 

Just an FYI these photos were the only ones taken and they were taken by Mr. LuckyGabi's Iphone!  What an amazing start to a busy Summer!  We decided this summer to get a membership to a local gym and we have been spending our days playing and swimming!  It seems like the days run into each other!  Brandon attended his first Cub Scout Day Camp!  Wow that was a blast for him!  He got to go swimming, learn archery, shoot BB guns and a lot of other fun activities!  I am thinking I REALLY need to have a giveaway soon!  Let me get somewhat caught up and that is what I shall do.  Have any suggestions????  Talk to you soon!

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