Wednesday, June 1, 2011

April 2010 Catch up!!

Wow…over a year! Life came at me fast! I am trying to juggle being a great mom, good housewife, excellent business owner, studious student and all of the other stuff! I think when I started the blog it was about promoting my business, but somewhere down the road my business came less important. Don’t get me wrong I love what I do and I always strive to do the best. I just struggle with everything else and how to fit it in. I often ask what my priorities are. My life is always the fullest when I put my family first! My kids have grown up so fast and it is time to think about a career for myself as well. I have been in a post Bac program to earn a teacher’s certificate. I am super excited to be almost done! I could never be done with LuckyGabi since I worked so hard to start and keep it going, it is just as important to me!

My goal for this blog is to help me keep a journal of my life with the family and the great adventures LuckyGabi the business and Lucky Gabi the kids bring me!

Well I am just so excited that I finally took the time to blog!  I had so much fun looking through the pictures.  Amazing looking at the little munchkins and how they look like babies only a year ago!!!  Too fun. 
Not a bunch going on with LuckyGabi!  I am trying to slow things down and just stay a little busy. Talk to you real soon!! 

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