Thursday, July 9, 2009

More late night photoshopping!!!

Well, I am loving my time to play with my photos. I only wish my kids were more cooperative about taking photos. If you only knew what I had to bribe them with for this photo shoot. I think it was video games for an hour, movies and candy before dinner!!! Well Karma is real because they had tummy aches. Yes, I do get the mom of the year award too!! But hey lesson learned, I am a great teacher!
It was so much fun playing around with textures. I joined clickin' Moms if you head on over to or click here she is running a special. It is so worth it. I seriously joined like a month or so ago, but getting ready for vacation I just didn't have the time, but my goodness I spent an hour or so on it last night. The wealth of information was just crazy. I haven't posted any of my photos or anything, heck a girl has to get a little good first. hehe I cannot say enough about it, the tips were useful even for my point and shoot camera.
Anyway, just thought I would share some of my fun!! I have candy to eat, oops if my husband reads this I mean carrots! Little side note..I have Type 1 Diabetes and am forever attached to an insulin pump. So again off to eat my carrots and watch my movies.


Cynthia said...

Cute! Love the colors of the pettiskirt. I was just able to get some photos of my little girl in a lavender farm with a lavender petti on. I just wish I had photoshop skills.

Rachel said...

I love your pictures! Awesome!!

Your kids are beautiful!

Christina said...

Thanks Cynthia, that is my daughter's favorite pettiskirt! Can you believe it is her only one? She is always wearing it. I bet the lavender farm with the petti would be beautiful! Love to see. I really don't have photoshop skills at all, the clickin' moms forum was a huge help and youtube of course!

Thank you Rachel for the kind words! I hope you are doing well!