Thursday, July 23, 2009

Coming Soon!! -

Well the website was suppose to be done and installed before vacation, but my fabulous web designer turned out to not be so fab! I haven't heard from her and well I just had to create one myself since she is MIA! So that should explain why no products are up and it is moving slow. I was really bummed since it was suppose to be really great! Oh well, Sorenson rule #1, most of you have heard me say it so I wont repeat it! I decided I will create my own destiny and make lemonade out of lemons! It was actually quite fun and easy with my new shopping cart. I just took my awesome pictures from my truly fabulous photographers Amy Jamieson and Amy Fraughton and photoshoped some cool digital scrapbook elements. I think it looks pretty good for not knowing what the theck I was doing!! Take a look I am still fixing, tweaking and playing around with it. I have some new photos to add from an AMAZING photoshoot with the AMAZING Amy Jamieson! Miss B did terrific and I believe like 15 outfit changes! Miss Gabi was just walking around eating candy having no part of any pictures! What a true Diva! Miss M is simply beautiful and seriously the most mannered and well behaved little girl! I didn't getting any pics of Miss Brooke, but she was there hopefully in a couple of weeks I will get some new ones!! Here are a few shots and hopefully I will add them soon!!!!


The Hutson Family said...

I'd still love to do a review/feature on my blogspot as you launch your new site. Please let me know if that's an option...My viewers will eat it up!

Cherry Blossoms said...

I love all of the items and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site! I would love to feature your site on my blog as well!

Rachel said...

Love the new items!!