Friday, April 5, 2013

July 2011 Part 2

 July, 2011 was busy indeed, but a lot fun!! We had planned a motorhome trip from Arizona to Utah to Colorado and back home!  Our plan was thrown for a loop when the motorhome needed a bit of work so we thought we would just drive it in the car.  Kind of crazy since I did not have a DVD player in the car at the time.  Honestly though the kids had a blast!  This road trip is probably my most favorite trip EVER!!!  It was just us on an adventure, no real plans, and no time schedule!!!  The first stop was through Navajo Bridge.  What a great site!  I remember posting a Facebook image something like this first one saying we were in Radiator Springs!  Seriously that is what this place looked like, totally picturesque!   

I was so happy to see that a majority of the pictures included me.  NO I don't like myself that much, I am just NEVER in any pictures.  It is funny looking back at past trips I am maybe in one.  I guess that is true of most mammas.  I love that the pictures always include my little ones.  They were such troopers on this trip.  We all listened to music, talked about everything, and played games.  We also did a lot of snacking! 
Our first night was spent in Kanab, Utah.  We planned on being there for a few days.  Clint LOVES the Dunes and had always wanted to show us the Coral Pink Sand Dunes.  He usually heads there for a week in September with his guys riding dirt bikes.  They are definitely different than the Glamis Dunes.  They are beautiful with the pink sand, forest on the side, and majestic mountains.  The first night in Kanab was spent on a drive to the dunes, dinner, and a walk to find ourselves an ice cream shop that we would visit every night! 

 I have so many favorite random pictures from this trip it is fun reminiscing.  The more time I spend journaling the more I realize how important it is to stay on top of it!!!  I cannot remember some of the names and dates we visited, I wish I could!  Sitting here writing I can actually remember the stores we walked by and the great small town feel! 

Here is to keeping up with the momentum and getting myself current to 2013!!

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