Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Glamour Parties with Amy Fraughton Photography!!

NOW this is why i love my job! To see my creations on these beautiful girls showcased by fabulous photography!! Amy Fraughton Photography is offering these fabulous sessions called Glamour parties! What a great idea a bunch of cuties playing dress up and amazing photos equals memories for a lifetime! Shoot I think it is a great idea for even me and my girlfriends dressing up and having beautiful pictures taken of us...hmmmmm........What a great idea to capture best friends or an alternative for a birthday party!! I was given a ton more cute pictures of these fab girls in these pettiskirts!! I have mentioned to a few but I NEED a break. I have been so busy and although it is wonderful; me, my machines and my housekeeping need a little TLC! During my little break I will be working on adding all these great pics! I just love the second one. Amy came up with the mixture of the zebra and raspberry and it turned out beautiful! I think another great combo was the pink and apple green. Amy took some amazing pictures of my favorite purple and turquoise with black fluff pettis that I am hoping to post soon. You can see more of her fabulous work by visiting Amy Fraughton Photography!!

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Wendy said...

The pix turned out great and the pettis love fabulous as I am sure you already know!!!