Saturday, February 28, 2009

Brandon Lucky turns 5!

Alright, so he turned 5 a week ago, but that is how long it takes me to do things around here. Most of you know we took Brandon to Disneyland on his birthday, he got the special Disney treatment and got in for free!! This was his first time on a plane and it was such a cool experience. Let me back up and tell you Clint bought me a really nice Canon 40D camera for my birthday and I haven't had much time to play around with it, well I still haven't really gotten a chance. WE get to the airport and I decided to take a picture of the boys (Gabi was left at home with Dodo) and it took one picture and then the battery was dead. Yes, I forgot to charge the camera. Anyway, Clint went and bought one of those cheap cameras, the noisy ones. Okay, roll forward to boarding the plane. Brandon gets on board and they ask him if he wants to meet the captain, hell yeah! Okay maybe that is what I was thinking. Bubba hops right into the Captains chair, they position the seat perfect for him. It was the coolest thing ever! There is me taking pictures, rolling the film forward making that annoying sound, people staring at me and the flight crew asking Clint decided to go retro huh? Oh well, still some cool memories!!! I will post some pictures of our Disneyland trip soon!!!

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