Friday, October 10, 2008

Sassy Polka Dot Bow

Here is Miss "B" wearing this sassy bow! This is one of my favorite bows ever! I love pink and black and polka dots it also matches our popular punky princess tutu! It is a four time stacked bow mixed with vaious polka dots. Miss "B" was so much fun to have pictures taken with. Her daddy made it fun too! You should have seen how wonderful he was with her and the looks between the two of them, total LOVE! Here is another shot of the bow...................
Baby Gabi is always running away from a shot! But of course the ever so talented Amy Jamieson captures an awsome shot! Miss Gabi is wearing a LuckyGabi ruffle bloomer set! I love this outfit it is so comfy and the shorts are so cute. You can even choose to have the shirt or a tank top!

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