Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Perfect Christmas Pettiskirt!

Okay I had to add this! It turned out so cute and I LOVED it on. I wish I had the time to meet up with the ever so AWESOME Amy, but hopefully we can do a retake soon! This gorgeous pettiskirt would be perfect for those Holiday family pictures with Amy Jamieson Photography. I would love to have baby Gabi's pictures taken in this for Christmas cards. Too cute!! I was in a mad scramble to have a picture because it will be in a giveaway! Yep, a FREE pettiskirt can you believe it. What a perfect gift for someone or yourself! I will give the updates when I get them and all the directions and links so you can participate. Yes a FREE pettiskirt!!!

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Amy Jamieson Photography Blog said...

Chyerish that photo! Love it mucho!