Friday, May 1, 2009

LuckyGabi going on vacation!!!

So I finally sent out the dreaded email that I will be closing up shop for almost 8 weeks! Yikes!! I had to! I love working and have had such a great response to my products, but I need to regroup and spend time with my precious kids the actual Lucky and Gabi!!! It was a hard decision, but I am embracing this time to update my website, images, and details. I have been working with a fabulous web designer for a few weeks now and can not wait to show everyone the new website. I have so many new ideas that come rushing to me, but never find the time to bring them to fruition. BUT, the main reason for the vacation are these two knuckleheads!! They are so much fun and make me laugh constantly, especially Brandon. He will for sure be the class clown. These are some pictures from our bike ride to the park!! Brandon needs a haircut but he does not want his hair short. We will see who wins that battle.

Gabi is growning up so fast! I often say I am still exhausted from having her. It feels like just the other day!!! She loves her bubba and wants to do everything he does.

Gabi seems to think she can ride a bike, we wont tell her different, like she would listen anyway. Hmmm...I wonder where she gets that from, yep Clint! Anyway, I found a bike that has a push bar on it since I knew I would be stuck pushing her!! She loves it and it plays Winnie the Pooh music.

And there is Brandon, the park has some hills so he rides his bike down the hill. He picked up riding his bike so fast. I cannot believe he will be starting actual school soon!! I WILL be that mom with the tears taking pictures.

Well we cant ride bikes and go to the park in sunny Arizona during the summer, so I am packing up the family and heading to San Diego for 3 weeks. I wish it was longer, but the beach condo wasn't available for the month, so I will manage with the 3 weeks. LOL Oh I cannot wait!!! We are creatures of habit and always vacation in San Diego for the summer over the 4th of July and of course our anniversary is July 2nd. I cannot believe Clint has had the privilege to be married to me for 9 years!! He has to be the luckiest man alive. Well, I am starting my summer early and we are heading up north to drop off the motorhome for the summer. Last year we left them up North and camped every other weekend. What a great time!!! I promise to blog more and I am even thinking of doing some fun giveaways!!! Soon!!

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