Friday, March 13, 2009

Best buds and BMX racing!

Brandon's best friend "the Governor" has been riding at the BMX track and finally talked him into heading over and trying it out! Well, Brandon loved it! We didn't want to buy him all the gear he needed until we knew for sure he was going to love it and well he does. He of course had his helmet from riding his quad, but he was such a good sport out on the track riding his little bike.
Here they are waiting for their turn to go out on the track. When I saw the track I thought to myself no way will he get out there, tell you the truth I was hoping he wouldn't. No fear in him he went on in with 100 other people and started going over the big bumps and all. Clint had Court that day so he met us at the track and I made him run after him in his suit to make sure he didn't need help. It was funny!! He needed some help up some big hills because he didn't have the right kind of bike and he just has those tiny hooves!! (Simpsons mention) The Governor rocked it! He went through the gates and rode around like a natural. He was so excited that Brandon was there!!

There is my boy look out for the Lucky rider!

Here is the Governor in all his glory!!! These boys are so cute!! I just had a vision of the two of them laying in the crib together. From one crib to another one day!

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