Thursday, December 4, 2008

I LOVE Christmas!

Oh how I LOVE Christmas! It seems the Holiday fun starts at Thanksgiving with Clint's birthday, Thanksgiving and then rolls right into decorating, cookie party, Polar Express, my birthday and then the New Year comes!! Baby Gabi's birthday and Brandon's birthday are soon after! Well, I decided to be my own photographer since we could not seem to find the time to get them done right and here they are, yes I know I am never in any pictures!! I think Mother's Day I had 72 photos and I was only in 2 of them!! Hmmmmmm..... Anyway I loved the picture because the two actually look like they adore one another. As long as baby Gabi isn't taking his toys and he isn't tormenting her they get along, yeah right!

Of course Baby Gabi is giving a cheesy smile. She seems to be good at those lately! She is sooo much fun, who would have ever known I did NOT want a girl!!
And there is my sweet baby boy, okay he is not a baby but I can still eat him up and love to hold him. Just don't tell his friends that!

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One Posh Kid said...

These pix are adorable!!!