Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Pictures!

Here our some Halloween pictures for you! Better late than never right? Well, we found these sparkly red shoes and built the outfit around them. In true Christina style I waited to the very last minute to make her outfit. In my defense I have been super busy around here. I was suppose to make a light blue pettiskirt, but ran out of time so I made the very easy knotted tutu. Looks great and fluffy!!! I made the top that day and it turned out pretty cute. Baby Gabi's hair is getting kind of long so I was really excited to put it in pig tails. Of course she has candy in her mouth since that is the only way she will ever let me take pictures of her. I can't believe she actually wore her outfit the whole night! She had a good time trick o treating with her big brother!

There is my boy Lucky the Nascar racer. IF you did not know us you would think we are a bunch of hillbillies. Brandon loves Home Depot, he loves going there, he loves talking about it, he can spot a Home Depot a mile away! He really has a passion for cars too! It is quite amazing how he can spot a car and tell you what make it is. Ace Ventura is another all time favorite of Brandons. He LOVES talking out of his butt! One camping trip we watched the Ace Ventura cartoon and well he was hooked. His favorite phrases coming out of his butt are "can I aask you a question" "you crack me up" and "don't talk to me about running". Even baby Gabi joins in the fun and bends over and imitates Brandon. True classic moments! So of course Brandon had Clint carve Ace Ventura into one of our pumpkins! I think it looks really good and you should have seen how happy Brandon was! Well Clint looked pretty impressed with himself too!

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